An event to support MOTHER in all her forms and BODY in all of its wisdom.  
Mothers, Daughters, you are welcome.  An intimate gathering of female form.  

 The Invitation

Gather in a community of women to relax, unwind, and nourish ourselves through embodiment practices, connection with each other and connection with Mother nature. From this field of nourishment and support we lend our voice, life experience and hearts vision around Mother and mothering as we collectively birth MotherRoot more fully into BEING.

Who is this for?

Women, mothers, grandmothers, aunties and daughters who want to join us in this intimate gathering to celebrate Mother.  Women who are longing to rest and replenish and who have an interest in being part of the alive conversation around Mother and mothering and how we might create contexts and formats to best serve those conversations and explorations further.


Devorah Bry            Deepika Sheleff       Sarah Foxfire          Ember Amador


*Your cost:
$250   Camping - Bring a tent! Shared bathhouse
$325   Main Lodge - Shared room (with queen-size bed & floor mattress) OR comfy pull-out in main space.
$375   Private Cabin - Sun /Moon Cabins, shared bathhouse. On the Yuba River (5 min drive from Lodge)
$100   Kids 4 - 12

No Cost Kids 0 - 3  

*HoneyRoot is a not-for-profit organization. Your ticket fees cover our out costs for this event. See Accommodations for more info on lodging options.  


There is no official childcare at this retreat. If this inhibits you from attending, please inquire for creative options.


All meals will be vegetarian and organic.  If you need animal protein please bring your own meat. There will be an attendee refrigerator to keep personal food cold.


1. Can I be part of this event even if my mother/daughter is no longer with me or is unwilling to come?  Or, can I come to this event as a surrogate mother/elder/auntie who did not birth children of my own?

Yes, of course....please do.  We will be there with you as you inquire with us, receive the nourishment of the field, honor yourself in your version of mothering and daughtering, offer yourself to your unique experience.

2. Can my diet be accommodated?

We will do our best to accommodate all dietary needs. Please contact Ember Amador with specifics.

2016 MotherRoot Gallery

Photos by Carmen Alverez, Rossi Joy, Lone Morch, and more. Cover photo by Hazel Moon Photography.