As with all of Life, there is a cycle of creativity that is necessary in order for things to stay in motion. This is true in Nature and, thus, true in our bodies. By becoming a member or contributing to HoneyRoot, you are placing yourself in this cycle of Creation.  For us to keep creating and providing resources and nourishing opportunities, HoneyRoot must receive.  We are so incredibly grateful for your love of our work, because without you, our cycle stops.  It is our mission to not only provide you with resources for you to fill your cup, nourish your body, and delight your soul, but to provide you with the tools that help you pollinate (continue to resource) your world. 

We seek to provide a root system and a backbone of support for women who are ready to receive the gift of living an embodied, empowered and connected life.  

We thank you deeply for participating as a Co-Creator of our community and as a Leader in this new world paradigm.

Support for HoneyRoot is offered in three tiers...

✿ Honey Bees: $11.10 monthly

Honey Bees collect the pollen to make honey

  • Free pair of WhatSheSays Superwoman-style panties ($12 value)
  • Receive HoneyRoot's monthly moon newsletter
  • Access to HoneyRoot's online re-Source page (priceless)
  • 50% off initial sessions with participating facilitators (save $50 or more)

♥︎ Peer Support: $21.30 monthly

Peer support gathers the pollen to feed the Hive

All of ✿Honey Bees, plus:

  • 10% off of HoneyRoot offerings (including WhatSheSays Clothing Line, Retreats, & Online Courses)

♛  Annual Buzz: $222 annually

Your annual buzz ensures the propagation of the Hive

All of ✿Honey Bees, plus:

  • 10% off WhatSheSays Clothing Line
  • $100 off one of our Main Retreats (see below for more info)
  • 50% off two online courses per year (up to $400 in savings)

More details below...

In addition to supporting the continuation of the Hive, Membership offers you:

  • ✿♥︎♛ Access to HoneyRoot's online archive of community discussions, hosted monthly, on important and vital themes, such as:
    - Feminine Spirituality
    - Staying Grounded in Relationship 
    - Sexuality
    - Conscious Birthing
    - The Importance of Elders in Family, Community,
      and Spiritual Practice

    - The Mother in Every Woman
    - Supporting Today's Teenage Girls
    - Women and Anger
    - Grief as Gateway to Joy
    - Embodiment and Mysticism

  • ✿♥︎♛ Participation in a monthly themed conversation, using Zoom Technology
  • ✿♥︎♛ Enrollment in HoneyRoot's monthly Moon Newsletter
  • ✿♥︎♛ Free pair of our WhatSheSays panties - choose size and slogan on membership form
  • ✿♥︎♛ Private online access to video and audio recordings on our Re-Source page from Devorah and many other fabulous HoneyRoot facilitators.
  • ✿♥︎♛ Discounted one-on-one sessions with Dev and many other HoneyRoot facilitators (offered seasonally, go to Our Team page to see who is involved).
  • ✿♥︎♛ Embodiment exercises (videos and written material) sent to your email, seasonally.
  • ♥︎♛ Access to “How to Start a HoneyRoot Women’s Circle,” a private online catalogue on our website, chock full of resources (coming soon!)

- How to create safety when starting a group
- An abundance of rooting, empowering, and centering exercises
- Communication tips for group process
- BodyLove exercises for individuals and for group practice
- Themes to bring to your group each week

  • ♥︎ 10% discount on all HoneyRoot Offerings - Good on WhatSheSays Clothing Line, our Online Course Offerings and Main Retreats!
  •  $100 off any of HoneyRoot's Main Retreats
  • 50% off two online courses per year

Each (community) represents a world in us, a world not born until it arrives...
— Anais Nin