Devorah Bry

Dev is the Founder and Creative Director of HoneyRoot.  She devotes herself to this community as a mother does her child and is truly honored to be working alongside such loving, full-spectrummed friends.  Beyond HoneyRoot, Dev works with women, men, and couples to heal, expand, and create beauty within their relationships. She has an MA in somatic psychology and considers the body a primary pathway for psychological development, transformation, and self-knowing. Dev is a dancer, a reverend, a Certified Hakomi Therapist and a Certified Soul Motion teacher (  Stillness, motion, and breath are her guides. Her mother, ancestors, and teachers are her bedrock. 


Tim Hartnett

Tim Hartnett, PhD teaches graduate psychology at JFK University after practicing over thirty years as a marriage therapist and twenty years as a men's group leader. Tim is well-versed in Nonviolent Communication, the mythopoetic men's movement, oppression theory and gender studies. He is author of Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making (New Society, 2011) and currently serves as a large group facilitator/trainer for non-profit groups and intentional communities. He is also an organizer of several gatherings including: Song Village, NCDC Dance Camp, and Family Heart Camp. Additionally, Tim is a singer-songwriter, working on his fourth CD of heart-opening songs. The common thread of Tim's various endeavors is building community and connection through conscious communication. 

Tayla Ealom

Tayla Ealom is a Received her 200 hour teacher training certification from The Bhakti Yoga Shala  under Govindas and specializes in hatha, gentle, and  vinyasa style classes in Berkeley. She’s studied Anusara yoga with Kenny Graham, Siri Peterson, and Chrissy Graham at YogaKula, as well as yoga and the psyche with Mariana Caplan and yoga for the emotional body with Pete Guinosso. Her deep passion is connecting the healing power of the earth with body and emotional and psychological work. She invites students to rewrite the internal story and start releasing from limiting beliefs. She is pursuing her masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy from The California Institute of Integral Studies and invites that knowledge and physical understanding into her classes and private sessions.

Darshana Avila*

Darshana is a HoneyRoot gem, bringing form, structure and vibrant love to the Hive. Out beyond, Darshana shares her passion as a somatic sex and intimacy coach and educator with a tantric twist. With a signature blend of wisdom, compassion and groundedness she guides people toward the awakening of their ecstatic potential. A self-confessed intimacy junkie, tireless student of the infinite nuances of relationship and skillful facilitator, Darshana delights in initiating others to the way of presence, pleasure and passion as the path to deep fulfillment.

Working with individuals and couples offering both experiential coaching and erotic bodywork, Darshana guides people home to their bodies and into right relationship with their sexuality and sensuality in order to live a more gratifying and turned on life. 


Wren LaFeet






Stephanie Meux







Elan Freydenson

Women's Embodiment Community Retreat 2017

Devorah Bry     Uzo Nwankpa     Darshana Avila*        Deepika Sheleff

Tayla Ealom      Judy Lay           Layla Centorrino       Lizzie Hart

Ashley Newton    Siri Shakti       Margo Stebbing        Laura Linsteadt

Barbi Samayoga   Erin Summers      Lorina Manzanita    Tina Hylton

Tatiana Berindei      Mackenzie Myers

CommonRoot: Our Mixed-Gender Retreat 2016

Deborah Bry                 Lorina Manzanita and Tobin Giblin

Elan Freydenson            Wren LaFeet and Antje Schaefer       Cris Mulvey

Jerry Gridley                   Anjuli Mahendra and Alok            Ajaya Sommers 

Matthew Sutherlin           Darshana Avila                           Stephanie Meux

Jeremy Weichsel             Malena Gebremedhin                    Felicia & Jim

Sweet Medicine               Ron Tofanelli                               Laura Inserra


2016 Women's Embodiment Retreat

Rachel Wylie

Ashley Newton

MotherRoot 2016

Facilitators 2013 - 2016

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