Devorah Bry

Dev is the Founder and Creative Director of HoneyRoot.  She devotes herself to this community as a mother does her child and is truly honored to be working alongside such loving, full-spectrummed friends.  Beyond HoneyRoot, Dev works with women, men, and couples to heal, expand, and create beauty within their relationships. She has an MA in somatic psychology and considers the body a primary pathway for psychological development, transformation, and self-knowing. Dev is a dancer, a reverend, a Certified Hakomi Therapist and a Certified Soul Motion teacher (  Stillness, motion, and breath are her guides. Her mother, ancestors, and teachers are her bedrock. 


tayla ealom

tayla ealom is an earthling protector working to weave the worlds of social and ecological justice in an embodied way as a trained somatic counselor and bodyworker. As a multi-racial cisgendered woman of color with lineages ranging from West Africa to Europe and Turtle Island, she works in the worlds of cross-cultural wombyn's work that offers access to powerful healing modalities for all genders. She holds a Masters in Psychological Studies focused on somatic counseling psychology and is currently engaged in PhD studies in Women's Spirituality, Ecofeminism and Spiritual Activism. Her understandings of somatics and justice work guide her to show up in a way that connects the dots between body, earth, womb and spirit. She strives to brings these awarenesses and practices into wombyn's spaces so healing can remain at the forefront of social-ecological movements. 


Amber Field

Amber is a queer, non-binary, Asian American adoptee performer, teacher, facilitator, and healer. They were featured in San Francisco Magazine's Best of the Bay for yoga music. Amber delights in freeing people's voices and helping them sing, sound and speak their truths with more confidence. They are a Tamalpa Associate Teacher of Expressive Arts and studied Indian Classical music at Viswa Bharati University in India. A world fusion specialist, Amber transmits the love frequency through eclectic global sounds and beats. Amber also facilitates expressive arts, drama therapy, and somatics workshops and trainings on Collective Emergence, The Art of Solidarity, Adoption Stories: Healing the Primal Wound, and more


Cris Mulvey

Born in Ireland in 1957, Cris is a feminist who has worked for many years as an educator, community organizer, facilitator and guide with those, primarily women and girls, who live with social injustice, inequality and disadvantage, and with those committed. 

As an apprenticed elder, and one living with chronic illness, Cris’ time now is divided between her own writing and visual Art projects, mentoring and guiding those seeking personal/spiritual growth, Hospice work, involvement with a youth education center and self-care.  Currently training in Cranio-Sacral therapy, she is a graduate of Kim Rosen’s Poetry Depths Mystery School, Animas Valley Institute’s Soulcraft and School of Lost Borders Rites of Passage work, all of which she uses in her mentoring and facilitation work.

Cris believes passionately in the importance of embodied elderhood and in the power of engaged spirituality, community, lifelong learning and creativity to weave the kinds of intergenerational and cross-cultural/across difference communication and connection that can generate the kinds of solutions our world so so desperately needs.


Uzo Nwankpa

Uzo Nwankpa RN, MSN-PH, is a fourth generation descendant of women healers. I am a queer Igbo womyn from Southeast Nigeria with an ancestry gifted to restore balance using the indigenous practices of her people.  I am an educator, facilitator, performer, researcher and advocate for healing through the use of intentional music and movement.  I created the Uzo Method Project- A Public Health Solution as a means to fulfill my mission to ignite a billion souls rising in the divine. As a first generation immigrant to the West, and global citizen, I am committed to decolonizing my patterns, being a bridge between the world of Africans in the continent and the global diaspora. I am committed to learning through my body and how it relates to other bodies that are different from mine. As an advocate for communities that use the arts to heal,  I am dedicated to creating and exploring diverse ways to combine ancient practices with innovation.


Judy Lay

After living in NM for 43 years,  Judy retired her psychotherapy practice with women and children and moved in 2011 to the wildness of off-grid living with her son and his family, building a straw bale RoundHouse and Life Spiral to hold ceremonies, Rites of Passage, classes, workshops and fun events. 

Ordained in 2011 as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies, Judy brings reverence for all of Creation into her personal interactions and ceremonies.  She played a significant role in the formation of HoneyRoot’s Elder’s Council and has been creating workshops and Initiation Ceremonies for all those exploring and seeking to take their place as Conscious Elder in their communities. Judy is also a Hospice volunteer facilitating bereavement circles, providing spiritual care and sitting in Dying Vigil. She says she is learning from these experiences how to be with her own dying when it arrives.

Judy is Grandmother to 6 grandchildren ages 7-25, and mother of three.  She is a fiber artist—wet felting, paper making and knitting are her favorite creative things to do with her hands.


Stephanie Meux

Stephanie, one of HoneyRoot's core facilitators in both our large-scale retreats and the School for Embodied Leadership, has been exploring the connection between the body, mind and soul since she was a young girl.  Deep connection with nature and animal, dance, the study of psychology and other somatically based practices have all been her muses and inspiration for this life. 

Stephanie has a degree in Psychology and is trained in Somatic Experiencing.  She works as an Equine Guided Educator (which utilizes the relationship developed between horses and humans to catalyze personal growth and healing), as a body worker, and as an event coordinator for embodiment based events.  


Odessa Avianna Perez

Odessa facilitates transformative embodiment in group workshops and individual sessions. Raised in the Sufi tradition, Odessa has been immersed in mystical and heart-centered wisdom all her life. As a white boricua, she is investigating her own layers of whiteness and privilege, hidden identities and oppression within her own skin, and curious as to how our individual healing can support the collective healing process. She is a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist and current graduate student at California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) for Somatic Psychology. She holds BA degrees in Sociology, Dance and Theater, and has been making dances since 2005, most recently using video, text, and dance performance to explore healing from trauma. She teaches Contact Improvisation classes that engage the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of being in a body: the limitations, the metaphors, and all the rest of our human experience.


Lorina Manzanita

Lorina is a Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach, certified SE© Trauma Resolution Practitioner, writer and teacher. She has offered workshops in the SF Bay Area, Maui, Massachusetts and online spaces to help people cultivate their erotic intelligence and intimacy skills. Both her workshops and her 1 on 1 work integrates a number of healing systems that honor mindfulness and the body's intelligence. Her work is unique in that she brings her authentic, vulnerable, embodied self into the space with those in her care. With Lorina, intimacy skills are learned in an embodied way, in real time, with compassionate support and guidance. Her influences includes Somatica Sex & Relationship coaching, the Hendricks relationship coaching, Shakti Malan’s Somatic Sexual Presencing, healing developmental trauma with Diane Poole Heller and Larry Heller and CoActive Coaching with CTI.  Lorina loves helping people to break free of old, unsatisfying relationship patterns and embody more conscious, empowered, interdependent, loving ways of being.


Tina Hylton

A bridge-builder & community activist, Tina comes from a life experience of strong ethnic heritage & multicultural mothering. She received her BA from the University of Oregon, where she focused on the literature & poetry of the most marginalized voices of women from around the world. 

Years after living in rural Jamaica & raising 2 biracial children in Northern California, Tina works today to help bring awareness & education on diversity issues to her local schools & larger community. Currently working towards her masters degree in Educational Leadership & Social Transformation, she is hopeful for humanity's healing & reparations through the confrontation of social injustice.



Laura Linsteadt

Laura’s passion is to awaken, re-member and be alive in sacred comm-unity with her Self, with her relations, with Mother Earth and all of Life. As a licensed Massage Therapist, dancer, Scalar Heart Connection mediator and teacher of EmbodyDance, she is a practitioner of embodiment and the integration of body, heart, mind and spirit.  She guides people to root deeply within their bodies and the Earth, to flow with ease and pleasure, to feel their full range of aliveness and to play in creative self-expression. She holds healing space for those who desire to connect to their own body and heart, to hear their needs, to embrace their wounded and painful parts with compassion, and to learn to love themselves.


Joy Khoo

Joy Khoo, life designer/zen infuser, is devoted to her mission of creating an impact in the world through her coaching work.  In 2003, Joy led two major evacuations for 350 American family members and employees at the US Embassy in Indonesia and was honored by Secretary Colin Powell as the Community Liaison Officer of the Year.  This life changing experience set the stage for her to move into a journey of healing and service. During her decade of service at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she travelled to Africa, India and Brazil, organized chaos for busy high level executives, and created memorable team building events.   Joy has a background in piano performance, an MBA. and certifications in ecotherapy, yoga nidra and SoulCollage. An inquisitive and playful student of life, she enjoys the journey of cultivating holistic tools and sharing them with her clients in group workshops and 1:1 sessions.


Barbi Joffe

In her own movement practices and in her teaching, Barbi aims to facilitate a sense of ease, strength and connectivity in the human form through music, dance and somatic embodiment practices. Her practice explores ways to empower an expanded & integrated awareness through the body-mind-spirit. Barbi teaches 'Embodied Flow'- inspired movement/yoga & studies Indian classical with sufi musician Tahir Qawwal (her husband). She lives between two homes of Nevada City (CA) and Byron Bay (Australia) and is privileged to have travelled through the the world to experience culture and music. It is through music and dance that she has connected most strongly to her own ancestry, which follows long journeys of immigration from Eastern Europe, to South Africa and Australia. Questions of home, belonging and connection are often present in her heart. "Honeyroot has provided a rich resource of learning and reflection, helping me to make sense of my identity as a white cis gender woman, mother & sister, in this wild, beautiful & often painful world".



Lisa Chipkin

Lisa is an artist, dancer, and Somatic Learning facilitator & coach who teaches embodied presence as a way of life and a vehicle for healing, authentic expression, and personal growth. She empowers people to experience more spaciousness, ease, and harmony in their body-mind, and align with the wisdom, healing force, and guidance that lives inside them. She is a lifelong learner and practices the art of compassion, play, gratefulness, intimacy, and vulnerability in all she endeavors.


Erin Summers






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Madeline Maddox

Madeline is an herbalist, nutritionist, wellness consultant, mentor, and plant talking enthusiast. She is the co-creatrix of Seta Vida, a female owned and operated healing collective in Nevada City CA that is committed to applying ancient and traditional wisdom to the modern herbal world. Madeline is a certified JOYW mentor for girls ages 8-18 and WFA certified herbal medic, serving to help provide our next generation with the empowerment tools they need for rites of passage, body sovereignty, compassionate communication, and social/emotional intelligence. Her source of inspiration draws from deep and reverent connections to Mother Earth and her teachings. By observing nature and Gaia’s intelligent design, she believes that we can deepen our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world around us, infusing our daily actions and intentions with rootedness, reverence, connection, and compassion.

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