November, 2018
Nevada City, CA

Ready to do the deep work for the sake of incredibly satisfying connections? Ready to have fun doing so?
Cool.  Join us at our Shady Creek Retreat Center home in Nevada City!  

$375 - $575/person
3 price tiers - dependent upon on your financial means.

Limited space available, as we want to keep the potency of the weekend nice and strong.  


CommonRoot is our opportunity to gather with other adults, in a contained, welcoming setting. Together, we explore the historical and current implications of the feminine and masculine energetic archetypes as they play out in our personal lives as well as in the life of the larger culture. Through experiential study, dialogue, music, dance, shared meals, and embodied play, we dive into both the baggage and the gifts of the universal dynamics of polarity.

We celebrate the full spectrum of fluid and non-binary identity. All perspectives and backgrounds are welcome at this workshop. This particular event will not be focused on clearing notions of  "woman" and "man" out of the cultural conversation, however (though we are interested in the benefits that birth out of from that kind of work, too).  The intention for this gathering is to create an opportunity for us to all bear witness and reexamine the pervasive role that archetypal polarity has had on our collective cellular and cultural unfolding. This is not as much a "retreat" as a healing, celebratory movement forward.

For those of you new to the adventure: CommonRoot is a place to explore, expand, get curious, work our edges - personally and culturally, heal, ritualize, ground, PLAY and deeply inhabit ourselves together. CommonRoot is a both a nourishing RETREAT and an EMBODIED REALTIONSHIP LAB.

Relax into yourself. Find shared ground in relationship. Expand your capacity for truth in intimacy. Mindfully, welcome the shadow. Communicate with authenticity. Express that which has been repressed. Dance. Play. Pray. Collaborate. Connect with an embodied heart. Connect with irreverent reverence. Connect with one another. 

We welcome you to CommonRoot!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Weekend Topics:

  • Polarity Play
  • Welcoming Shadow
  • Mutual Appreciation
  • Co-Creation
  • Embodied Awareness
  • Safety and Security
  • Boundaries and Intimacy
  • Qualities of Love


  Jim Matto-Shepard

Deepika Sheleff                 Wren Lafeet                    KristaLove & James


Supporting Artists

Evenings consist of delicious food, exquisite musical performances, dance, and other delights.  

Refund policy  
50% refund through October 1st
After October 1st you MAY transfer your registration to another  person you know, 
as long as this takes place prior to October 11th.  
If you do need to transfer your registration, please email us with the new attendee's information (name, address, email, dietary requirements, etc).  There is a $35 administrative fee for this adjustment.

I admit,
I was afraid to love.
Not just love, but to love her.
For she was a stunning mystery.
She carried things deep inside of her that no one has yet to understand, and I, I was afraid to fail, like the others.
She was the ocean and
I was just a boy who loved
the waves, but was completely
terrified to swim.
— Christopher Poindexter
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