Devorah Bry*

Dev is the Founder and Creative Director of HoneyRoot.  She devotes herself to this community as a mother does her child and is truly honored to be working alongside such loving, full-spectrummed friends.  Beyond HoneyRoot, Dev works with women, men, and couples to heal, expand, and create beauty within their relationships. She has an MA in somatic psychology and considers the body a primary pathway for psychological development, transformation, and self-knowing. Dev is a dancer, a reverend, a Certified Hakomi Therapist and a Certified Soul Motion teacher (  Stillness, motion, and breath are her guides. Her mother, ancestors, and teachers are her bedrock. 

Judy Lay

Judy’s Facebook profile states that she is “becoming an Elder on behalf of Mother Earth.”  This is true.  After living in NM for 43 years, she retired her psychotherapy practice and moved to the wildness of off-grid living, building a straw bale RoundHouse and Life Spiral to hold ceremonies, classes, workshops and fun events. 

Ordained in 2011 as a Minster of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies, she brings this presence to all her interactions and ceremonies. Judy has played a significant role in the formation of HoneyRoot’s Elder’s Council and is a Grandmother to 6 grandchildren and mother of 3.  She is a fiber artist; wet felting and knitting are her two favorite things to do with her hands.  

Darshana Avila*

Darshana is a HoneyRoot gem, bringing form, structure and vibrant love to the Hive. Out beyond, Darshana shares her passion as a somatic sex and intimacy coach and educator with a tantric twist. With a signature blend of wisdom, compassion and groundedness she guides people toward the awakening of their ecstatic potential. A self-confessed intimacy junkie, tireless student of the infinite nuances of relationship and skillful facilitator, Darshana delights in initiating others to the way of presence, pleasure and passion as the path to deep fulfillment.

Working with individuals and couples offering both experiential coaching and erotic bodywork, Darshana guides people home to their bodies and into right relationship with their sexuality and sensuality in order to live a more gratifying and turned on life. For more visit

Stephanie Meux

Stephanie, HoneyRoot's event coordinator and one of HoneyRoot's core facilitators has been exploring the connection between the body, mind and soul since she arrived on this planet 40 years ago and has been enjoying the process of reawakening to the truth of who she is through personal inquiry and by following her curiosities and passions.  Deep connection with nature and animal, dance, the study of psychology and other somatically based practices have all been her muses and inspiration for this life. 

Stephanie has a degree in Psychology and is currently studying Somatic Experiencing.  She works as an Equine Guided Educator (which utilizes the relationship developed between horses and humans to catalyze personal growth and healing), as a body worker and as an event coordinator for embodiment based events.

Ember Amador

Ember is super excited to be working as HoneyRoot’s Program Coordinator.  She thrives in community and spends much of her time thinking about how to improve community functioning.  She lives in Nevada City with her partner and her son.  

Deepika Sheleff *

Deepika is a somatic coach and trainer, and co-leader of HoneyRoot’s School for Embodied Leadership. She blends bioenergetics with mindfulness based somatic therapy to unwind old patterns and restore authenticity and aliveness. Her work focuses on developing greater capacity to feel and navigate emotions, reclaiming the full range of our expression and learning to love from the depths of our heart. She is an expert in creating more connection and deepening love, using the Seven Flavors of Love system. 

She has a big heart, a sharp eye and a deep devotion to bringing people back home to their true selves. She lives in Marin County with her family, and is currently writing the transformational book, “The 7 Flavors of Love - a path to wholeness.”

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