Elders' Council Weaving Circle: Setting the Ground for Our Weekend

Growing old does not make one an Elder.  Elderhood is not a stage of life. Very few have grown up surrounded by honored Elders who demonstrate their importance in all areas of living.  If we are fortunate, we had the grandmother or mentor who offered their stories and experience as a point of reference to guide us when we were confused and hurting.  Taking our place as an Elder, is an act of Service…..not of servitude.  Developing our Elder self requires preparation to fully embody this way of being.  

What do we need to do internally and with one another to ready ourselves?  How do Elders set the ground for the next generation? What is it to fully embody our Elder self? 

Come sit in a circle of those wanting to live into their older years with consciousness, enthusiasm, heart and grace….to be of service to those people and places calling out for Elder Wisdom.

Through guided meditation, reflective questions, and gentle movement, we will drop into connection with our soul’s longings, and with each other, exploring together the gifts, challenges and invitations that Elderhood can offer ourselves, our families and our communities. 

Facilitated by Judy Lay, Cris Mulvey, Margo Stebbing & Laura Linsteadt


Each year, on the first day of HoneyRoot, before the opening of the main gathering, we host a special day for our older participants to gather and celebrate the journey of Elderhood together. This gathering has become one of the most-loved and unique aspects of the HoneyRoot Retreat.

HoneyRoot is deeply devoted to the sharing of wisdom, experience, playfulness, depth, and curiosity—in body and across the generations.  We will explore more deeply what needs to be released, gathered and embodied to be fully ready and present as their Elder self.  

The Elder Council day includes journaling potent questions, poetry, movement, and embodiment practices.  This council sets the stage for the rest of the HoneyRoot Retreat. Each year it ignites the power, playfulness, depth and potency that unfolds in the days ahead.