2018 Youth/Teen Program

September 15 - 16, 2018

Youth/Teen Program (age 12-14)

This year’s Youth Program at HoneyRoot offers an opportunity for girls 12 to 14 years old-- a 2 day journey of soulful, playful embodiment woven into the main retreat.


The theme of this year’s program is centered around The Remaking of An Ancient Container. To support the journey to adulthood, we will be calling on: 

  • our inner guides
  • allies found in our lineages
  • the bridge of generations
  • the plant and animal world

By  engaging our senses, honoring the self and reflection in another, exploring the gifts of nature, and feeling at home in the presence of another, we begin to develop an embodied perspective that encourages body sovereignty, helps us define our values and leads us to understand and have healthy connections with our emotions, desires, relationships, inner voices, and creative selves.

Here are some of the offerings/ themes that will be covered in the weekend:

Heart Connection and The Sacred Thread:

In our opening circle, we will weave together and give voice to what is most alive in each of us, co-creating a culture of guiding principles within our sacred space. Some themes explored will be interconnectedness, inclusivity, consent and autonomy, and a sense of belonging and respecting our needs and the needs of others.

The Four Directions and Elemental Wisdom:

We will dive deeply into the qualities of each direction and their connected elements using breathwork, movement, percussion, and visualization practices to tune into how each element lives within our bodies. Embodying this Wisdom, the teens will be lead on a nature scavenger hunt, gathering items from each element to build an offerings altar for the Honeyroot community and Elders.

Plant Allies + The story of the land:

The group will be invited to practice Earthing with us - a barefoot healing practice where we are connecting directly to the Earth below, receiving mood balancing benefits from the soil’s microbes and encouraging a grounding presence. Quinna will lead us on an herb walk, helping identify native medicinal plants in the area. We’ll discuss the history of the Nisenan land, and explore topics around practicing reverence to the spirits who have walked this land before us. We’ll also learn the values of responsible wild harvesting, and offer gifts and prayers for anything taken from Earth’s medicine chest.

Sacred Self Care Rituals :

How do we show love and appreciation for our vessels that move us through the world? Madeline and Lisa will explore different simple self care rituals and tools with the group, such as grounding/ nervous system regulation, easy pranayama, aromatherapy, and body care. We’ll make simple face masks together that can be replicated at home, and treat ourselves by the pool with the invitation to swim, sunbathe, hoop/play, or rest and relax, listening to what each of us feels is our highest need. As an addition to the altar, we’ll each explore the magic of I AM, and talk about dualities, self talk, and radical self-acceptance.

The River of Intuition:

Following a guided visualization practice that allows the youth to attune to their inner compass, we will collect small rocks from Shady Creek and paint them together as Animal Rune Stones. This divination tool will be a bring home gift for each of us, helping to empower our decision making and access inner guidance, while tapping into the wisdom of animal totems. As we create our stones, we’ll discuss allies and archetypes in the natural world that we can embody or model qualities from, to lend us support and courage when we are in need.

Facilitated by Madeline Maddox, Quinna Waters & Lisa Chipkin


$95 (Day Program: Sat 9:30a-2:30p & Sun 9a-2p)
$350 (Full Stay, Sept 13-16--accompanied by mother or other caregiver)

Programming options for youth include attending the entire event (lodging and meals on-site) or participating only in the day program (lodging at home, lunches included). 

*Scholarships and payment plans available. Please email contact@honeyroot.org to inquire.

Have extra to give? Donate to our Youth Program Scholarship Fund to help offset costs for girls in need of support. Thank you!

2017 Schedule of Activities

This year's schedule coming soon...

"Honeyroot was a very relaxing and including environment, there wasn’t any drama, or negative energy, only peace and acceptance, and the fact that we all got through that without feeling those emotions is pretty amazing. The women didn’t exclude, we were all friendly, equal, and individually respected. I think that they did a good job getting us to connect, and to feel like we weren’t alone—that we had others who understood, others would support you, others who would, even if they didn’t understand, sit there and rub your shoulders and think you were amazing regardless."

~Anjali Figueira


“Having been at HoneyRoot every year since it’s inception, I’ve been blessed to witness countless deeply moving moments of soul-expanding sisterhood and alchemical magic. But nothing prepared me for the heart-melting joy of watching my own daughter tentatively dip her toe into these waters and then dive in so completely and enthusiastically. Seeing her come home to herself, by celebrating her body, expressing her truth, letting her spirit soar, was a profound gift for both of us. She received something at HoneyRoot that was precious, priceless and will be part of the matrix of her feminine power forever more."

~Lisa Schrader, Founder of Awakening Shakti

"It is that holy poetry and singing we are after. We want powerful words and songs that can be heard Underwater and over land. It is the wild singing we are after, our chance to use the wild language we are learning by heart under the sea. To live this way is a cycle in itself, one meant to go on, go on, go on."
~Clarissa Pinkola Estes