September 27th - November 1st

$250 for the 6 week course,  Tuesdays from 12pm - 1:30pm (PST)

Facilitated by Kerry Temple-Wood

Kerry is a long time yoga practitioner, educator, writer, and passionate explorer of the feminine journey. Yoga and awakened consciousness are the foundational threads that weave through her life experiences — from relationships, marriage, motherhood and parenting, to the shifts of menopause — and now the many facets of the world of conscious aging.  She is the Founder of The Art of Conscious Aging and The 63rd Street Yoga Studio.

You are standing at a threshold with a changing body, shifting views, and new feelings about your work, your quality of life, and your relationships.  Do you ever wonder: Who am I now? Who am I becoming? Where do I want to go?  How do I want to get there?

Explore what it means to move into this very real biological and energetic shift with intention and grace.  We KNOW things are transforming, shifting and changing within, but how do we do this living within a society that is often unsupportive.  How do we free ourselves of the clouded cultural waters we are swimming within?  How do we create a new vision for this change?

We are being rewired in body and mind through this transformation.  Menopause is a unique opportunity to explore our path of ripening and reap the riches of this time.

A New Paradigm.

You are on a incredible threshold, and there are choices.  

Together, we will create an empowering vision for your journey -- one which explore the waters we've been swimming in and redefines skewed cultural perceptions.  Through this process, menopause becomes a rite of passage, an initiation into newfound wisdom, meaning, and power.  

A conscious empowering menopause is possible, and together, we'll reclaim this birthright.

Through discussion, personal inquiry, journaling, collage, body-mind exercises and meditation, we will garner points of view, practices and resources that will support and guide us through this beautiful time of change.  Our intention is for each one of us to complete the course feeling validated and supported, resting the beauty and the wisdom of this sacred time of life.  

Topics explored in this SIX WEEK course:

Judy Lay

1. The bigger picture of menopause -- what is being lost, what is being gained -- taking note of the cultural waters we all swim in.

2. Who am I now?  Thresholds and gateways of this passage -- our redefined values, our sovereignty, and how best to use our inner compass.

3. Who am I becoming?  Naming and claiming our personal worth, our gifts, our newly emerging power.

4.  What lights me up from the inside?  Desire, passion, and visions for your life going forward.

5.  Opening your wings, unfolding your heart's desire. Practical steps to a felt sense of empowered freedom.

6.  Celebration and appreciation.  Naming and being witnessed in the change you are choosing for yourself.

Course Details:

  • Every week, we come together in a Zoom call (similar to Skype, but for group meetings) where Kerry Temple-Wood and special guests introduce the topics above and invite you to explore them in your own mind-body.
  • In between sessions, you will receive an email with recommended readings, journaling prompts and embodied exercises to assist you as you integrate each week's inquiry.
  • Over the course of the 6 weeks we will stay connected via an online forum -- a place to ask questions of one another, inspire one another, network and support each other throughout the journey. 

What to expect from this course:

1.  Share of stories, self authorship & empowerment.

2.  Gain a clearer understanding of our values and the essence of who we are -- the essence within that you must honor to be whole.

3.  Embrace your ripening, your lusciousness.

4.  Create more space for the wisdom-woman you are becoming.

5.  Move from default view to design-your-own view, and welcome a new vision for your future.