2017/2018 Dates TBA

$90 - $250 (sliding scale) for the 5 week course,  Tuesdays from 12pm - 1:30pm (PST)

Facilitated by Staci Tye

After taking a big leap of faith to quit a boring office job and live her life purpose, Staci Tye now inspires others to connect with their inner wisdom, think outside the box and live a life of meaning and fulfillment. Staci’s powerful message combines timeless wisdom with practical action steps to awaken individuals to their inner power and unique gifts. Dedicated to transforming minds and lives around the world, Staci shares her message at faith centers, conferences, universities, homeless shelters, and working one-on-one with individuals who are ready for personal transformation. Currently living in Grass Valley, CA, Staci continues to be the change she wishes to see in the world while inspiring others to do the same.

Intuition is as natural to our existence as the ability to breathe.


When you connect to your intuition, you access personal knowledge that is powerful, infinite, and wise. Your intuition knows exactly who are, why you’re here, and the best choices to make to express your greatness in the world.

While intuition is as natural to our existence as the ability to breathe, many of us have forgotten how to access and use this infinite well of knowledge. When we disconnect from our intuition, we can make choices that are not in our best interest, resulting in outcomes that can take months or even years to correct. 

When you access your intuitive intelligence, you access a direct path to self-love, authentic expression, personal success, spiritual well-being, and a life that makes you feel inspired and alive.

In this five-week course, you will learn how to connect to your intuition, apply your intuitive wisdom to specific areas of your life and connect with other like-minded souls on the path to authentic living and personal empowerment.

This 5-week course will teach you about connecting to your intuition, applying intuitive wisdom to your life, and creating a life that makes your heart sing.

Topics explored in this FIVE WEEK course:

Week One: What is Intuition and How Does it Work? - Be inspired by the workings of your intuition. Your intuition is ready to guide you and uplift you into personal greatness.

Week Two: 3 Ways to Access Inner Guidance - Experience three ways to connect to your intuition and discover the way that's best for you. 

Week Three: Use Your Intuition to Create What You Want  - What is your intuition guiding you to do, change, be, or create? Bring your intuition to life by taking action on the guidance you receive.This is where the fun begins! 

Week Four: Overcoming Intuitive Blocks, Doubt, and Fear - What if you can't connect? What if your intuition misleads you? Powerful questions inspire powerful answers. This is where we learn to transcend challenges and thrive in personal truth.  

Week Five: Staying Connected As You Go Forward - You have learned so much. The power is within you to know what to do. It's time to make a plan for staying connected to your intuition as you go forward into a life that inspires you!

Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected, and we are able to know everything, because it’s all written there.
— Paulo Coelho

Course Details:

  • Every week, we come together in a Zoom call (similar to Skype, but for group meetings) where Staci Tye introduces the topics above and invites you to explore them in your own mind-body.
  • In between sessions, you will receive an email with recommended readings, journaling prompts and embodied exercises to assist you as you integrate each week's inquiry.
  • Over the course of the 5 weeks we will stay connected via an online forum -- a place to ask questions of one another, inspire one another, network and support each other throughout the journey.

Course Goals:

  • Gain a clear understanding of what intuition is and how it works.
  • Experience three ways to access intuition and determine which way works best for you.
  • Apply your intuitive brilliance to a specific area of your life.
  • Learn how to transcend barriers when you feel intuitively blocked.
  • Create a personal plan for staying connected to your intuition as you go forward.