2018 HoneyRoot BodyLove Sessions

Lore Ross

Lore Ross is a Channel and Spiritual Counselor serving the global  population to create healing. Her work centers on the stories and patterns that hold us back helping to rewrite the body™ and shift energy to access the individual healing needed.

In large groups, workshops, or in one-on-one sessions, Lore holds supportive space. From this place of awareness, the stories held inside the body emerge providing access to recognize the energy from Ancestral Lineage, DNA, and cellular memory. By releasing stories and designs no longer needed, the door opens to new pathways, and one experiences a lightness and freedom, allowing transformation to flower and nourish. With this new awareness, every moment presents the opportunity to breathe and feel safe.

Lore’s deep trust allows Source to speak through her body in Ancient Dialects, harmonic tones, sound and vibration. Aligned with Source, she offers a gentle, non-directed approach to healing and transformation for trauma, grief, illness, injury, as well as offering insight and guidance.

Ashley Berry

Ashley began her journey into the healing arts as a certified Hatha yoga instructor. Ten years into her yoga practice, she discovered and fell in love with the ancient dance of Thai massage, which has formed the foundation of her practice over the past five years.

With over 250 hours of training in Thai massage, including a recent immersion in the Thai Massage Circus in Laos, Ashley is continually deepening her connection to the ancient lineage of this modality, and approaches her bodywork as a holistic spiritual practice rooted in the principles of yoga. The depth, intention, and quality of presence she brings to her sessions reflect her commitment to the practice.

She blends over 25 years of movement training, including dance, authentic movement, and AcroYoga, into her bodywork to form a dynamic, rhythmic session grounded in a connected circuit of breath.

Ashley offers refined somatic awareness, sensitivity, intuition, and embodied listening to respond to your needs in a way that invites the nourishment your body, mind, and spirit most desires. She also offers a unique blend of bodywork and intuitive guidance for those who are interested in support with challenging emotions, relationship issues, or integration of peak experiences.

You will feel held, loved, and safely guided into a space of altered consciousness, deep rest, and rejuvenation, the effects of which will stay with you long after the session.


Hanna Ziesel

Hanna started a profession in Massage Therapy in 2000 with Level 1 and 2 Reiki attunement and continued further study with a 750 hour Course in Crestone, CO at Crestone Healing Arts Center. She graduated from CHAC in August of 2002. She has continued her education with various other trainings and certifications including a 200 hour Prenatal yoga Instructor internship, KRI Kundalini yoga Instructor Certification, as well as Level 2 KRI instructor courses, DONA doula training, Cranio Sacral level 1&2 with Julie Franklin and Janet Evergreen, Prenatal and Postpartum massage certifications. Hanna is presently enrolled at the Center For Sacred Studies ministerial Program.

Hanna does her best to serve ALL with that which she has learned and experienced.

Matia Divitt

Matia loves Bodywork. She loves giving, receiving, learning and growing with this ever evolving gift of helping people come home to their balanced, nourished and radiant bodies. She’s here offering sessions tailored to your unique needs, so you can unwind and soften into your essential self. Matia is here to care for you in just the way your body wants to be cared for.

Massage and Somatic Explorations have been a passion of hers since childhood and she began officially working on bodies in 2002 with Massage School in Bellingham, WA. It has evolved into a lifelong adventure of ongoing study and inspiration. Matia weaves her dedication to presence, dance, breath and bodywork with Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching to offer a unique approach to integrative embodiment arts.


tayla ealom

tayla’s journey to healing has been a winding road that never ceases to amaze her. Her training includes a Masters in Somatic Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies, over 400 hours of yoga teacher trainings including yoga for the emotional body and yoga psychology, World Herbalism from The Regenerative Design Institute, Ecopsychology with Jan Edl Stein, mindfulness meditation, and contemporary massage techniques from various schools throughout California. This work exists right now as the combination and integration of this wide array of practices into a unique process that honors my own intuitive abilities to track and contact another body. Focused on bringing about large change in the world, tayla honors our animal bodies and strive to bring us back into union with our physical beings so we can live in right relationship to the wider world. Please feel free to contact her directly with questions about this work! It is a work in process - just like her.

In Touch Intuitive Bodywork is a form of physical manipulation that incorporates principles from cranial-sacral therapy, Rosen Method, Swedish and Thai massage, yoga, breathwork, ecospychology, Western Herbalism and Somatic Psychology in a way that helps to bring consciousness to all parts of the body. Working in this way allows for deep emotional release while making space for increased self-intimacy, self-understanding and self-compassion. Throughout the process, you and will use sound and language to help give understanding and meaning to points of contact, allowing you to get in touch with yourself in new and meaningful ways. Following our combined intuition, we’ll find the healing pathways of your unique body, mind and spirit. This work is great for anyone struggling with chronic pain, back/neck/head injuries, mood stabilization, general aches and pains, stress, fatigue, and the complications that come with living in contemporary civilization.

BodyLove Temple Schedule of Sessions

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