2017/2018 Dates TBA

5 week course,  Tuesdays from 12pm - 1:30pm (PST)
All women welcome

Facilitated by Erin Delaney


As a professional coach, author, teacher and speaker, Erin has had the great privilege of working with hundreds of women over the last twenty-five years, guiding them in the areas of self-expression, empowerment and sexual healing. She has been working with children and teens across the United States, as well as in Europe and Mexico, since 1984. Within her career, what has given her the greatest joy & astonishment is her own healing, research & studies in the area of sexuality, and the guidance she gives to women, men & teens in this area. Having a teen daughter, and not wanting to pass down the pattern of female sexual shame, she became an advocate for girls and women claiming their sexual integrity & truth, and mothers guiding and celebrating their daughters as powerful, creative and safe sexual beings.

The crucial role of mother...

Every mother knows that times are different now for teens than they were when we were young. The extreme pressures young girls face today only exacerbate the already challenging times of adolescence, especially when it comes to sexuality.

What this calls for in mothers is, not only for us to be aware of the world our daughter’s navigate, but to also to be keenly aware of our own selves as sexual beings, so we can connect with them from a place of radical honesty, open hearts, endless celebration, and ultimate liberation.

This course will guide mamas to create powerful & trusting connections with their daughters, from a place of encouragement, understanding and love, as we support them to make informed and healthy sexual choices throughout their lives.

Topics explored in this FIVE WEEK course:

  • What Teen Girls Are Facing These Days

  • Scanning the History of Female Oppression & Sexuality

  • Knowing & Understanding Your Own Sexual History

  • Ongoing “Sex Talks” With Your Daughter (especially what they don’t cover in Sex Ed)

  • A Deeper Knowledge of our Sacred Pussy (also known as Yoni)

The most radical thing a woman can do is love her body
— Eve Ensler

Course Details:

  • Every week, we come together in a Zoom call (similar to Skype, but for group meetings) where Erin Delaney introduces the topics above and invites you to explore them in your own mind-body.
  • In between sessions, you will receive an email with recommended readings, journaling prompts and embodied exercises to assist you as you integrate each week's inquiry.
  • Over the course of the 5 weeks we will stay connected via an online forum -- a place to ask questions of one another, inspire one another, network and support each other throughout the journey.

Course Goals:

  • Deeper understanding, owning & embracing of your own sexual past, present & future
  • Greater knowledge of the glorious, precious & utterly perfect female form

  • Clearer awareness of & compassion for the world teens navigate today

  • Empowering ways to connect with your daughter (or important teens in your life) around sexuality & her precious body

  • Claiming a new way of holding the power of female sexuality & bringing that into the world