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Is your sex sacred?

Maybe your sex is sexy. Maybe your sex is steamy. Maybe your sex is so-so. But is your sex is sacred?

If you’re not experiencing your sexual energy and encounters as the precious, potent miracles that they are (or if you already are and want some additional ideas and inspiration) then there is no time like now to bring reverence and true presence into the bedroom, and from there, all aspects of your life.

Join Darshana Avila for a dive into tantric lovemaking and sex as spiritual practice. Whether you are making love with yourself or with others, treating each encounter as worship is sure to take your sexual experiences to new depths and heights.

Topics explored in this course:

In this five-part journey, we will share as sisters do and learn an easy to adopt (and adapt!) approach to bringing consciousness and devotion into your sex:

Week 1: Connection – This is where it all begins. The attraction, the bonding, the swirl inside that lets you know you want to get close to another. Honor yourself, honor your instinct and honor those who you will share this with by intentionally connecting in intimate space.

Week 2: Invocation – Creating the energetic and physical backdrop to any sexual encounter is an essential component of being in sacred space. Rituals, decorations, intention setting and more all play a key role, and together we will explore how to invoke divinity into the temple of your sex.

Week 3: Relaxation – Tantra and embodiment 101: relaxation is key! Being in your body and being with your breath are the fertile ground from which all good things grow in the garden of your sexuality. Let’s dig in this rich dirt together and learn what it means to truly relax into yourself and with your beloved(s).

Week 4: Activation – From that place of resourced relaxation, the action will naturally begin to arise. Yet this actually is most juicy and alive when it comes from a state of being, not doing. Curious to know more? In this week we’ll discover what kundalini activation is really all about and how to ride the waves of your own pleasure all the way to ecstasy.

Week 5: Integration – As is true for any intense and meaningful experience, it can permeate most deeply when given a chance to truly integrate. So instead of reaching for the remote control or your iPhone, adopting practices to allow the energy of each sexual encounter to really land within you is as important as the acts themselves.

The beauty and wisdom of Tantra is that it enhances sexuality as a doorway to the “ecstatic mind of great bliss”. Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and separation, and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings. And through the other–our partner–we fall in love with life.
— Margot Anand

Lead Facilitator

Darshana Avila shares her passion as a somatic sex and intimacy coach and educator with a tantric twist. With a signature blend of wisdom, compassion and groundedness she guides people toward the awakening of their ecstatic potential. A self-confessed intimacy junkie, tireless student of the infinite nuances of relationship and skillful facilitator, Darshana delights in initiating others to the way of presence, pleasure and passion as the path to deep fulfillment.

Working with individuals and couples offering both experiential coaching and erotic bodywork, Darshana guides people home to their bodies and into right relationship with their sexuality and sensuality in order to live a more gratifying and turned on life. 

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Course Details:

  • Darshana Avila will host five 90 minute webinars, followed by a question and answer session introducing the topics above and inviting you to explore them in your own mind-body through a facilitated exercise.
  • All webinars will be recorded and available to you if you want to re-watch or are unable to attend the live session.
  • Additional support and community participation will be available via a private Facebook course page.
  • Recommended readings, journaling prompts and embodied exercises will be provided to assist you as you integrate each session's inquiry. 

Course Goals:

  • Learn simple and practical ways to take sex from ordinary into the realm of extraordinary

  • Create a ritual that you can practice ongoing throughout your life to keep your sex sacred

  • Invigorate every facet of your life with the passion and potency of your erotic energy

  • Establish an embodied connection to your own precious self as Divine

  • Begin living a truly turned on life