Sept 1, 2018

In early summer, there was an experience that created a rupture between members of HoneyRoot’s Council for Unheard Voices. Within this rupture, Pilar Mejia, a member of the Council for Unheard Voices, was disappointed by several individual and organizational decisions. We are truly sorry that Pilar has experienced hurt by any Council member. We are taking her reflection seriously and have taken steps towards accountability, where we feel we misstepped. We also want to acknowledge that doing intersectional work is not straightforward, nor without places unseen, continually fraught with the unwrapping of supremacy conditioning, as well as learning to be with the various traumas present within each of us. We acknowledge that there will be harm that occurs by the nature of this process, and we continue to remain committed to lessening that impact of harm. We acknowledge that we will not do this work perfectly and understand we are in practice with the long arc of transformation through the rupture & repair process. We acknowledge that repair will not always be the end result of all events and that we all may have different perspectives, needs, wants on how that repair is shaped. We are committed to bringing in social justice educators who are steeped in the field of healing/transformative justice, moving forward, and to continuing our individual and collective work of uncovering and unraveling harmful cultural conditioning.

If you’d like to know more about the situation, here is a LINK to a letter with more detail.

With a commitment to integrity, justice, heart, root and relational repair,