HoneyRoot has been developing and presenting extraordinary programs for women of all ages for many years now.  Our goal is to provide vital tools and formative experiences that welcome woman back into her fully embodied birthrights -- wisdom, power, relational sensitivity, and leadership.

After 5 years of gestation within our Summer Embodiment Retreats and our School for Embodied Leadership, we have now put together a potent selection of on-line courses available to women all over the globe.   

Embodiment, Somatics, and The Feminine Soul is offered in a way that supports real growth from the ground up.  It's simple, actually: experiential, body-oriented, heart-fueled education works.  You can opt to design your own curriculum, as well. The main benefit of participating in the Embodiment, Somatics, and The Feminine Soul sequence is that each class builds on top of the next.  We have designed this program to support whole-body integration.  Additionally, there is a significant financial advantage: $250 savings. 

We invite you to complement this program with additional electives (see below), all taught by exceptional facilitators focused on bringing you individualized, experiential learning.  All of the courses we offer can be taken individually.  


  • Each Online Course unfolds over a 5 week period and includes one 90 minute video conference call each week. 
  • Sessions for Embodiment, Somatics, and The Feminine Soul take place on Wednesdays from 12 - 1:30pm PST.   Click Here for timezone conversions.  There are 1 week breaks between each course.
    Electives are offered on Tuesdays from 12 - 1:30pm
  • Each meeting is recorded and sent your way via email, should you be unable to be with us in real time.
  • Each course is capped at a small enough size to make room for individualized attention.
  • Additional exercises and journaling prompts (and "buddy" practices, where appropriate) are provided each week.  All exercises are designed to help you dive into the material at whatever level feels right for you. 

Benefits of online courses:

  • Access to top-notch facilitators, all of whom are deeply committed to providing a safe, well-managed container in which deep inquiry and formative learning can happen.
  • Classes are available to you from anywhere you are in the world.
  • Connections with people from different countries.  Get a feel for how culture influences you, as a body of woman.
  • Self-directed coursework gives you the flexibility to learn and grow at your own pace.

Payment Options/Program Formats:

Step by Step

Build Your Own Curriculum
Dates of courses listed below

$250 per course

A great option for people who are unable to participate in the year-long program.  You are welcome to choose the individual courses that are right for you by clicking the individual course registration below.

Membership benefits:  Receive 10% or more off all online offerings.  


Embodiment, Somatics, and The Feminine Soul

A 10 month Online Immersion

This program provides effective entry ways, resources, and points of view that assist you in tapping into your power, potency, and sensitivity as a woman.  

CORE Curriculum Course Descriptions:

Root: Building a Felt Sense of Safety, Security, and Belonging

Connecting to your root is foundational to any relationship.  Whether with ourself, our friends, our partners, our children, our colleagues, or our community at large, feeling safe, secure, and connected is a crucial ingredient in creating and maintaining healthy relationships.  In this course we will 1) inquire into what gets in our way of feeling safe, secure, and connected, 2) move into experiential exercises that provide us with a felt-sense of being rooted, up-held, and connected, and 3) share about our experience and dialogue with one another as we take our practices into our day-to-day lives.  May all women feel relaxed in their own bodies, secure in their interactions, held by the earth, itself.
Facilitated by Devorah Bry, MA, CHT


Alchemical Creativity: Making Art of Your Womb's Story

As women, we are carriers.  Whether is be unprocessed energy of past relationships, pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions, births, surgeries, or physical injury, our womb spaces can be left with a deep need to be held in safety, to tell its story, to be honored and revered for all it has experiencedThis is where healing happens -- in the telling... in the being received.  Come contribute to the conversations that so often go unspoken. Make art of your womb's story.  Write, tell, draw, dance, tell, sing, paint, unwind and heal.  

Facilitated by Devorah Bry, MA, CHT


Boundary: The Wisdom of the Animal Body

We are living in a dynamic time in human history which is calling for us to continue to grow our capacity for discernment and to set healthy boundaries. There are many aspects of our complex human lives where it is helpful for us to turn towards nature and animals to resource ourselves and from which we can source inspiration.  Observing animals can show us how to re-engage our own innate animal body wisdom. The wisdom of our animal bodies can show us the pathway back to our core boundaries, our “yes's” and our “no's”, and our impulse to move towards or away.  This wisdom paired with compassionate self reflection and heart centered, body based communication allows us to continue to refine how we utilize boundaries to shape and engage with all aspects of our lives. 
Facilitated by Stephanie Meux


Heart: The 7 Flavors of Love

There are different textures and qualities of love, and we all tend to be better skilled at some more than others. In this course, we will explore each of the 7 flavors of love and learn 7 different ways to connect with ourselves and others. We’ll understand how our expression of love gets constricted, blocked or distorted, and we will use embodied practices to restore the flow of love. 
Because our capacity to love impacts all of our relationships - including family and friends, at work, with partners and within ourselves, The 7 Flavors of Love gives you access to the quality of connectedness that is relevant to each relationship. This course is designed to bring wisdom, clarity and compassion into everyday interactions and expand your capacity to love the people in your life whole-heartedly.
Facilitated by Deepika Sheleff, CHT


From Sensation to Expression: Opening the Roots of Sounds

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Wake up pussies! It's time to meow! In this online course we will activate the profound power of the pelvic floor to help find your inner song. Through movement, breath, and sound we will uncover limiting beliefs around voice, and open the doorway to a full bodied creative expression. We will explore the connection between yoni & throat, release old beliefs about your voice, open your throat, and free your authentic expression and let her fly! 
Facilitated by Lauren Brown & Lauren Arrow


Crown: Embracing Paradox, Serving Life

Embody a timeless, vast understanding of our nature.  In this 5 week course we will 1) tap into subtle energies and expand our capacity for seeing things as they are (while keeping our feet on the ground), 2) practice the art of sovereignty, and 3) re-create our story and our self perception from a wider-view.  
Facilitated by Devorah Bry, MA, CHT

Additional Course Offerings/Electives:

Menopause: A woman's sacred path to wisdom, power and wholeness

In this unique and richly experiential 6 week course we will be exploring the deep and transformative journey of Menopause. For many of us - it is at this very real and biological shift that we 'KNOW'  things are transforming and changing within and we seek a new vision for our lives.  But our society is often unsupportive and it can feel impossible to step outside the cultural waters we swim in to create a new vision for our lives. You are on the 'threshold', and there are choices.  I invite you to create a new vision of your journey: Menopause as a Rite of Passage. Menopause as Initiation into a wise woman life of wisdom, meaning and power.
Facilitated by Kerry Temple-Wood


Sex and Our Connection to the Sacred

Maybe your sex is sexy. Maybe your sex is steamy. Maybe your sex is so-so. But is your sex sacred? Take a journey into embodied devotion. In this five-week course, we will share as sisters do and learn an easy to adopt (and adapt!) approach to bringing consciousness, reverence and some definite juiciness into your sex using the following steps to guide us: Connection, Invocation, Relaxation, Activation and Integration. You will come away inspired and expanded in your relationship to your sexual essence, and prepared for luscious lovemaking whether with yourself or a partner.
Facilitated by Darshana Avila


Intuition: A Path to Power

The power of intuition is becoming increasingly valued in the modern world. Why? Because intuition is one of our greatest assets for aligning with success, fulfillment, and personal well-being. In this phenomenal six-week course, you will learn how to connect to, cultivate, and act on your intuition, so the steps you take in life become expressions of your potential, your purpose, and your ultimate vision of you!
Facilitated by Staci Tye


Teens and Sex

Everyone knows that times are different now for teens than they were when we were young. The extreme pressures young girls face today only exacerbate the already challenging times of adolescence, especially when it comes to sexuality. What this calls for in us, as community, is not only to be up-to-date on what is happening via social media, porn, etc., but to also do a bit (or a lot) of our own sexual inventory so we can face sexual issues head on, with vulnerable honestly and ultimate freedom. This course will help mothers and role models create a potent & lasting connection with their teen, so they can support them to be safe & make informed and healthy sexual choices in their life (and it just may influence your own sex life as well!).
Facilitated by Erin Delaney


The Shadows of Sisterhood: Next Steps

Born into women bodies, our identification with both the feminine and masculine archetypal energies can be potent and transformative.  Leaning too heavy into one side or the other, can lead us to relegate vital aspects of our being to the shadows of our unconscious.  This can lead to things like competition, self-betrayal, rejection of other women, etc.  Together, we will embark on an embodied mythopoetic exploration of our gender's shadows. Using the tools of somatic inquiry and creative reflection, we will slow down and drop into the deep well of wisdom that resides just beneath the surface of our everyday awareness.

Join us in reclaiming and re-membering that which is essential to our ongoing personal evolution-- our feminine-masculine nature, our ally-ship, our wholeness.  
Facilitated by Devorah Bry, MA, CHT