When: February 12th @ 12:00pm PT, 3:00pm ET
How: Through Maestro Conference

In this month's conversation, Devorah Bry, MA hosts Matthew Sutherlin. Together, they will explore the dynamics of the embodied feminine and masculine within ourselves and our relationships. Because this is a dynamic every body is navigating, this conversation is relevant to us all. Our aim is to explore the benefits and limitations of this interplay and to be in conversation around how women and men can support one another in our journeys, rather than continuing to do only gender specific work (women's circles, men's groups).

Some questions we will dive into together:

  • What qualities do the words masculine and feminine even speak to?
  • How does the balance (or imbalance) that shows up in our own life affect the experience we have with others?
  • What do we want woman/man to know about what it is like to be in relation to the other?
  • How can we SUPPORT each other in our maturing and growth processes? How can we do this TOGETHER in a way that enhances our full expression of life?

This is Devorah's and Matthew's favorite topic. It's where their passion, their education, and their combined missions meet. What do you want to hear them speaking about?