HoneyRoot's School for Embodied Leadership

January 2019 - May 2019 in Nevada City, CA

Do you have a desire to:
Feel effective in relation to your purpose...
  Expand your energetic presence...
    Have a direct connection to source...
      Be grounded, sensual & creative...
        Balance your feminine & masculine aspects...
          Be a loving & professional leader?


School for Embodied Leadership Program

Embodied Leadership is about congruence -- the experience of one's inner life and one's outer life matching up.  Embodied Leadership comes forth by meeting yourself honesty, with kindness, taking responsibility for your inner state and your actions, standing in your nature, and relating to the world around you with deep listening, attunement, and a desire to inspire.  Each of us has a unique offering and gift to bring forth. When we share this offering from an embodied place, we find our way into leadership with ease.

We live in a time where we as women have unprecedented opportunity to show up and have an impact. This program is for you if you are a coach, activist, healer, businesswoman, teacher, artist, or mom, or you just know you’re ready to make a difference in the world. This is our time to shine, and this program is a nurturing womb in which you will grow.

We believe that the foundation for anything you want to create in your life is who you are BEING. Once you embody the fullness of who you are and radiate your vision with a grounded root, resilient heart and clear mind, your actions become intuitive, powerful and effective.

This program is an experiential transformational process held in a safe, supportive container. We will focus on essential embodiment practices, communication and relational skills, powerful resources and the weaving of community based on authenticity and love.

There are many places to develop professional skills, learn productivity tips and learn strategies for building a business. There’s a lot out there about DOING. We're into bringing back BEING.

Read Dev's Embodied Leadership poem... 

With us:

  • Support aliveness and sensitivity in your body.

  • Learn the secrets to being deeply and authentically connected to people and the environment.

  • Discover, embody and expand your unique qualities as a woman, and learn the building blocks of heartful leadership.

  • Balance your inner world of sensation, feeling and knowing, with the outer world of creation.

  • Cultivate healthy boundaries that support honest, empowering relationships.

  • Restore integration and flow between your feminine and masculine aspects.

  • Learn about yourself through the group and interpersonal dynamics.

  • Discover how your heart transforms and heals.

  • Expand your capacity of full expression – verbal, non-verbal, subtle, compassionate, wild, magnetic, and more. Explore your edges and your depth in a loving container.

  • Embody your truth while experimenting with new ways of being in the world.

A Comprehensive Format

The training will be held in Nevada City, CA.

The School for Embodied Leadership's Structure:

We are a dedicated and small group (15) to ensure each participant gets personal attention and care. The connections we create in the program are essential and life-changing. We’ll be supporting you and your unique needs every step of the way.

In addition to our group activities, each weekend includes time for self-reflection and integration.

In order to create a powerful and safe container, we request that participants be present for all weekends. There's nothing like have a dedicated group of women to unfold, learn, and practice with.

We recognize that sometimes there are inevitable conflicts, so if you have trouble attending ONE of the weekends, that will probably be workable. Please be sure this is cleared with us in advance, though.  


The 5 Modules of the School for Embodied Leadership

Each module includes a training weekend where we gather in person to go deep and explore and play together, a resource guide, and additional support and practices to explore at home. Sharing circles and interactive tele-classes in between the retreats support the integration of new openings into your everyday life. You also have access to dedicated, personal support from our team throughout the program.

1: Tapping the Root ~ Building the Foundation for Your Life

  • Tapping into the power of grounding and earth as a resource.

  • Cultivating safety – creating a safe place within yourself and within our circle for all of us to show up authentically and honestly.

  • Cultivating pathways into sensation, feeling and inner knowing through the body.

  • Develop your capacity for aliveness and learning how to support the life force to restore its natural flow through the body.

  • Creating a safe container to reconnect with your sexual essence and sensuality, your feminine womb, as well as your passion and tenderness.

  • Learn how to build a solid foundation in your body, energy and self.

2: Authentic Empowerment ~ The Art of Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Opening the channel of authentic power and clarity.

  • Discover the differences between healthy boundaries and habitual defense, and practice effective boundary setting.

  • Purify anger and ineffective power struggles.

  • Learn how to harness personal and collective energy in a co-creative model of empowerment.

  • Learn how to use your will power without antagonizing people or burning yourself out.

  • Align with your goals, intentions and actions.

3: Courageous Love ~ Balancing the Healing Heart

  • Discover your heart’s capacity to transform and heal.

  • Explore practices for restoring self-love and healthy self-nurturing.

  • Restore the balance of giving and receiving love, moving away from habitual patterns that create resentment and disappointment.

  • Cleanse old grief with the power of ritual.

  • Tap into the profound wisdom of your heart to clarify your path.

  • Practice authentic communication and relating from a win-win, heart-centered perspective.

  • Learn how to navigate I-You-We consciousness and maintain balance between them.

  • Practice relating from a win-win model of sisterhood.

  • Find a healthy balance of giving and receiving love in your life.

  • Expand into becoming a heart-centered leader.

4: Visionary Creation ~ Opening to the Creative Mind

  • Tap into subtle energies and your capacity for perception.

  • Purify the mind and recognize the difference between vision and hallucination, confusion and knowing.

  • Cultivate playfulness, creativity and spontaneity.

  • Re-create your Story and your Self.

  • From a grounded, embodied place, tap into cosmic forces and higher guidance.

  • Vision and create from what your body knows is true.

  • Clarify your essence and sense of purpose.

5: Embodying Wholeness ~ Sharing Yourself with the World

  • Integrate the previous retreat experiences into cohesive wholeness.

  • Practice expressing yourself and your unique essence in community.

  • Weave your new capacities into your relationships.

  • Offer your gifts to the world.

Our Goal:

Our ultimate goal is to help you blossom.

This is a chance to gather everything you have already learned and take it to the next level. This program will meet you wherever you are in your life, your work and relationships and open up a whole new level of self-expression.

The journey is from the ground up. We build each layer on top of the other -- from a solid foundation into to the limitless sky of possibility -- to help you embody the truth of who you are!


The program is facilitated by Devorah Bry and Stephanie Meux both long time somatically-oriented therapists and workshop facilitators.

See "Our Team" page for bios.

Introductory Events - Come meet us and experience our embodied approach

FREE Introduction to the School for Embodied Leadership

HoneyRoot Office: 301 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA
October 30, 2018 6pm - 8pm

At this experiential evening we will explore the impact embodiment has on our life. We will experience the potency of sharing and expanding with other women. Come find out more about this process and the SEL program, itself. Hosted by Dev. You're welcome to bring friends!

More info here. 

We've been asked, "What's unique about the School for Embodied Leadership?"
How is it different from other leadership programs?
Here are some fun answers ...

No “rah rah!” motivation fest

We promise! We find that people flourish naturally when they are nurtured, welcomed and listened to. When there’s time and space for your knowing to unfold, you’ll know what to do - no pressure required!

Being, babe, being.

There are lots of programs about What To DO. Skills, techniques, tips and tricks you can get anywhere. The real question, however, is WHO is doing it. The state of being you are in determines the quality of your life and your experience far more than anything else. We focus on the who you BE, trusting that when you’re being your true, organic, whole self, you’ll do what’s right and be able to create the life you want.

Grace with gumption

We want to make sure the spirited one in you has her feet on the ground. We give the divine and sublime a rock solid foundation by dealing head on with stuff like boundaries, vulnerability, jealousy, relationships, sex... you know… life!

From the ground up

Our physical root is one of the most important sources of power, stability and wisdom we know of, especially for women. We take time to create a solid foundation, continuously working with the body as a gateway to aliveness and truth. With an open, grounded root, you can easily spread your branches and blossom into the leader you are meant to be.

Yum (and fun) strictly allowed.

Yes, your body can be yummy. Yes, your heart is delicious. Yes, you can be a spiritual powerful leader and enjoy being sensual, feeling, sensitive, delectable and delightful. In this program we enjoy each other and have lots of fun… We even serve chocolate!

You’ve got a friend… or two, or ten…

This is not a process where you bare your soul for 3 days to people you’ll never see again. We are in it for six months. We have your back, and we create a community of people who stand beside you, behind you and with you. In the spirit of intentional community and deep friendship we become your launching pad and safety net of support.

You can’t fix what ain't broke

Marketing for personal development programs often implies directly or subtly that there’s something wrong with you, something missing, flawed or incomplete. We beg to differ. We know you are already whole, already awesome. But sometimes your old ‘stuff’ gets in the way and obscures your true self from shining through. We’re here to clear out of that up and help you flourish – not fix you.

No cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all solutions

Can you imagine if we built everyone the same house, or watered every plant the same way…? You are unique, distinct and irreplaceable. Your gifts are different from other people, and instead of trying to be like someone (or everyone) else, we want to celebrate and cultivate what is uniquely yours to bring.

Not just coaching, not just therapy, not just spiritual practice – but the best of all three

Most programs sit squarely inside one of these approaches, and as useful as that can be, it’s often inadequate. We are multi-dimensional, weaving together the 3 pillars of transformation – Awareness, Love and Action. Read more about our 3 pronged approach here.

You’re the superstar, not us

This process is about YOU, and helping you find and follow your deepest truth. So yes, the facilitators have over 30 years combined experience doing this work, but that’s not the point. We’re not here to hog the limelight or prove how great we are - we’re here in deep devotion to bringing your amazing self out into the world!

The wind beneath your wings

Ultimately, leadership is about being the authority over your own life. It’s about touching people’s hearts and inspiring them to trust you and your guidance. When you embody your essential gifts and talents and rest in your inner home, you can’t help but be a leader. Then all your skills and ideas can be shared in whatever way is right for you… The School for Embodied Leadership is the place to fan the flames of your passion and clear the pathway for your heart to take flight.

If this sounds like we're talking about you, please contact us.

Program Details 2019

The program will be held at a residential retreat on the following days in Nevada City, CA.
Level I is a prerequisite for other programs.

I: Somatics & Embodiment (prerequisite): January 28 - February 2

II: Leading with Body: March 20 - March 24

III: Passion, Ritual & Ministry: April 24 - 28

IV: Bringing Your Work To The People: May 15 - 19 V:


We gather on Wednesday at 3 pm, and begin our session at 3:30 pm.
Friday: 3 - 9pm with dinner break
Saturday: 9am - 6 or 9:30 pm with afternoon break and meals
Sunday: 9am - 3 pm with lunch break


We provide healthy delicious catered meals throughout the weekend, while lunch on Saturday is up to you. You can use our kitchen facilities or enjoy local restaurants/markets during our Saturday midday break.


We will be at a beautiful rustic 200-acre ranch in the Grass Valley area, with comfortable beds, outdoor trails, pond and horses. We will provide catered meals and ample time for enjoying this beautiful space.

Program Price:

The School for Embodied Leadership program is $3800.
Organic catered vegetarian meals and lodging are INCLUDED in the program price.
A private room is available for an additional $200 per weekend.

Past attendees of HoneyRoot Summer Retreats receive $300 off the program price.

Apply before December 10th and receive an additional $300 off the total cost.

Flexible and long-terms ayment plans are available in several different forms, so please contact us if you have any questions about this or about the program, in general. 

Application Process:

In order to ensure that this program is a good fit for you, and will truly serve your needs at this time in your life, we request you to fill out a simple application form. This is not a test or a measure of your likeability or merit. It is a way for us to get to know you better, and assess if you and this school are well matched. We want to avoid you wasting precious time and money and make sure that we serve you with utmost integrity. You will receive an email from us about the application once it has been reviewed.

Other details and FAQ:

We do this for ourselves and all the People who will find their way towards full expression based on our Invitations, our embodied lead.

We do this for ourselves and all the People who will find their way towards full expression based on our Invitations, our embodied lead.

  • The weekend workshops are for participants only, no children.

  • We will have a dedicated team of experienced assistants as part of the group.

  • If you attend a Foundations daylong and then decide to continue with the 6-month program, the cost of the Foundations workshop is applied to your SEL tuition.

  • Click here to find out about FOUNDATIONS and other introductory events

  • The School is very different than the HoneyRoot Summer Retreat. There are no parallel classes, and the group is much smaller and more intimate. We go deeper, have a lot more time for personal attention and support, and have dedicated time off to rest and integrate. What is similar is our commitment to the many aspects of embodiment and the powerful magic that happens when women gather together.

  • Yes, you can talk to us! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email us with your inquiry, and we will get back to you and set up a time for a personal conversation as soon as possible.

"HoneyRoot continues to bring me home within myself. I have an innate need to feel and to be heard. HoneyRoot's provides me the ingredients for my heart to bridge with my voice. 

Within our playground of experiential inquiry, thru music, movement, storytelling and sacred circle, the truth of my being reveals itself and the colors and the imagery unfolds in pure form for me to embrace and to infuse within my paintings and sculpture. 

I am forever grateful to the goddesses that gather, that share their souls in community, and are open to the mystery, the embodiment and the beauty that is created in sisterhood. 
My mind softens, my heart opens, I feel, I voice... and I create."

~Lisa Deniz, Artist
Graduate of 2014 Embodiment School program