Wise Women’s Elders Council

Thursday, September 13th 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM 

Cost: Free for full retreat attendees

$20 -$60 for women planning on attending Elders Circle Only


Elders' Council Weaving Circle: Setting the Ground for Our Weekend

What is to to embody eldership?  How do we set the ground for these next generation to walk upon?  What do we need to do internally and with one another to continue to make ourselves available for this stage of our lives?

Come sit in a circle of women wanting to live into their elder years with consciousness, enthusiasm, heart and grace. Through gentle movement, poetry and reflective questions we will spend the morning dropping into connection with our bodies and souls, and with each other, to explore together the gifts, challenges and invitations that aging and elderhood can offer ourselves, our families and our communities.
Facilitated by Judy Lay, Cris Mulvey & Margo Stebbing

*Lunch served to all participants following Council.

Each year, on the first day of HoneyRoot, before the opening of the all-women’s retreat, we host a special day for elders to gather and celebrate the journey of womanhood together. This gathering has become one of the most-loved and unique aspects of the HoneyRoot Retreat.

HoneyRoot is deeply devoted to the sharing of wisdom, experience, playfulness, depth, and curiosity—in body and across the generations.  During the Elders' Council the group has the opportunity to spend time all together, and, also, to break off for concentrated sessions more deeply exploring what it is to be in their particular stage of life.  

The day includes embodiment explorations and movement practices, storytelling, discussion of the hormonal, biological, and spiritual aspects of this precious life stage, artistic expression, and plenty of time to flow into whatever theme is most alive this year.  

This council sets the stage for the rest of the HoneyRoot Retreat.  Each year it ignites the power, playfulness, depth and potency that unfolds in the days ahead.

HoneyRoot’s Elders’ Program and Council provides those women ready to embark on the journey of Elderhood to arrive with your questions, trepidations, joys, and precious life experience in your hands and heart, to dance and move and sit in good company with other women doing the same, to explore the role of service and gifting in a community of sisters in all ages and stages, and to experience the revelation, honing, and shining of the gifts that you have to confer on the world as an elder.

With gratitude for this opportunity that presents itself in last third of our lives, we have choices to make.  We can choose to deepen our inner exploration of meaning, make peace with and create healing rituals for all the losses that are inevitable, and co-create opportunities for the richness of service in the larger community. It is a time of re-writing the experiences of our past into Soul Stories in which we call forth the wisdom of those experiences so that they may be our legacy and benefit others.

"Circle is not anything new. Circle is an ancient process of consultation and communion, a place for slowing down, respectfully listening and being heard, a place to change the conversation and a way of being together that taps into the deep well of wisdom and creative thinking that is so needed in this time and place in history. Being in Circle is a matter of remembering our original way of being in community."
~Birute Regine