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Community Conversation - Mother/Daughter Relationship Dynamics

In this month's conversation, Devorah Bry, MA hosts mother, therapist, and expressive artist Majica Phillips.  Together, they will focus on the dynamics between mother and daughter and what it is like to embody and learn through each role, whether it is biological or not.

Some questions we will dive into together:

  • How do I keep my sense of self strong and intact even as I offer so much love and attention to my children?
  • How do I maintain a balance between being a friend and being a teacher to my children?
  • When and how much to talk about sex? And how much do I share of my personal story and how much do I let it be about my child?
  • What are ways I can support creativity in my mother/daughter?
  • How to create mother/daughter rituals and rites of passage